Since we like our teambuilding concepts to always be innovative here’s how V-Formation presents “Office Olympics”. We split our challenges in 2 different packages:

10 Office Olympics challenges concerning SPORTS:
Team members participate in miniature sports in their own office rooms. No transpiration necessary.

10 Office Olympic challenges concerning OFFICE:
For this part we only use office supplies in our activities. You can’t find a more creative way to use staplers, hole punchers and post-it notes.

We’ll gladly present you a mixture of both if wanted. V-Formation provides all materials and qualified instructors. In the meantime you can start building your own Olympic village in the conference room!


Focus: cooperation, team dynamics, coaching
Location: on location (indoor)
Participants:  10 – 200 persons
Timing: 2 hours up until an entire day
Price/p.p.: ask your CUSTOM PRICE QUOTE for free
Extra’s (optional): catering ° video and/or photo report ° teamcoach


  • People who like agility.
  • People who like teamwork.
  • People who like doing different things in their office.
  • People who like refined challenges.