Does your team suffer form Funphobia²?

Funphobia² is a teambuilding with unique xl-materials and games. Does your team suffer from Funphobia? Are they afraid of having fun with others? Choose for a correct diagnosis and healing by the Fun Doctors!

Participants will be scrutinized during various F.U.N. tests. These are physical but also cognitive tests that each participant a smile on the face will conjure.

Participants play xl-bowl, solve giga puzzles, run and bounce with giant shoes and much more!

A unique teambuilding top that will undoubtedly take your team to the next (fun) level!


Accent: power – fun – passion
Location: on location (outdoor)
Number of participants: 12 – 300 persons
Duration: 1 hour – half dag or dag
Price/PP: request a free price offer (made to measure)
Extras (optional): catering ° video, drone and/or photo shoot ° team coach


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