Price per part of 9m: €225 excl. VAT ( max. 54m)
Price per part of 6m: €175 excl. VAT ( max. 12m)
Transport price: is calculated based upon kilometers one way
Concept: Track in ‘Devils’ theme.
Capacity: depend on the number of parts / high capacity
Dimensions (L x W x H): 9 m diameter x 5 m x Xm
Total dimension: 6 parts of 9m + 2 bends of 90 degrees (everything can be linked together)


Don’t get caught by The Devil!

We have personally purchased this track from The Devil. Watch your back!



  • Surface: grass or steady surface (no sand or dirt)
  • Timing: at least 1 day (multiple day rentals possible, get your custom price quote for free)
  • Safety anchors: ground anchors on grass, sandbags on steady surfaces
  • Bad weather cancellation: you’ll receive a “rain-voucher” when the event is canceled due to bad weather, valid for 6 months
  • What we provide: requested attraction + extension cords 
  • What you need to provide: free passageway + electricity (220V)

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