How would you feel when being locked up with some of your colleagues? In a certain amount of time you need to fulfill several tasks under compelling circumstances. Time to bring out all of your time and team management capacities to finish these Cockpit Games!

A combination of light, sound, brainwork and mostly a lot of question marks provide you the way to the exit. How you resolve all these issues is up to you and your team. It all comes down to working together. Use this teambuilding event to see how your team sticks together when facing unforeseen conditions.

Good luck in the Cockpit!


Focus: cooperation, time & crisis management
Location: on location (indoor / outdoor)
Participants:  max. 10 persons per cockpit / 40 persons at the same time during this concept
Timing: max. 2 hours
Price/p.p.: ask your CUSTOM PRICE QUOTE for free!
Extra’s (optional): catering ° video and/or photo report ° teamcoach


  • People who like to train their brain.
  • People who like to think outside the box.
  • People who want to get active.
  • People who dig time management.