Price/6 pieces: 270 euro excl. VAT (weekdays) – 295 euro excl. VAT (weekend days and/or official work holidays)
Price per extra ball: 40 euro excl. VAT (weekdays) – 45 euro excl. VAT (weekend days and/or official work holidays)
Instructor mandatory: you are obliged to include an official V-Formation instructor
Transport price: is calculated based upon kilometers one way.
Concept: get into one of the bubble balls and play football while trying to get the other players off their balance.
Capacity: 1 person per ball
Free extras: 1 blower


  • People who like to go crazy.
  • People who have a score to settle.
  • People who like to bump.
  • Spectators who like a good laugh.


  • Surface: grass or steady surface (no sand or dirt)
  • Timing: at least 1 day (multiple day rentals possible, get your custom price quote for free)
  • Safety anchors: none, objects need to be moveable
  • Bad weather cancellation: you’ll receive a “rain-voucher” when the event is canceled due to bad weather, valid for 6 months
  • What we provide: the inflatable balls + 1 blower
  • What you need to provide: free passageway + electricity (220V)

Video by Devin Supertramp: