Teambuilding with a social background. In the business world, you sometimes have to be able to respond to unforeseen events or learn to improvise with the means you have at your disposal. But what if you have to live like this on a daily basis? What if you can’t see, hear, use your senses,…

The intention with ‘Beyond the limits’ is to promote G-Sport on the one hand, but on the other hand to show how we have to learn to manage if we can’t play all the ‘trump cards’. Learning to act more efficiently, getting more out of less communication, effective planning, these are all things you will be able to taste.

Special gloves that mimic a nerve disease, glasses that make you visually impaired, team tests with headphones. These are just a few of the situations that you will experience with your colleagues and in which a great deal of respect is generated among each other, but also for the people with disabilities in society.

This teambuilding is a proud collaboration with Ecco La Luna and at every, Beyond the limits activity, we donate 10% to a charity that works on a daily basis for people with disabilities. #proud


Accent: empathy – fun – passion
Location: on own or remote location
Number of participants: 5 – 100 persons
Duration: 1h – half day
Price/PP: request a free price offer (made to measure)
Extras (optional): catering ° video, drone and/or photo shoot ° team coach


  • People who love direct communication.
  • People who like to think in terms of problem-solving.
  • People who like to improvise.
  • People who like to vary in forms of communication.
  • People who work on verbal and non-verbal understanding internally.

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