A teambuilding event in and around water is always special. The water serves as an obstacle when team members need to communicate, slows you down significantly and puts you to an even extremer challenge. Most importantly though, it adds a certain dynamic to the event.

This activity can be organized all year long in indoor swimming facilities. Groups who really like adventure can wait for good weather (or at least decent temperatures) to take this challenge outside in an open air swimming pool or even a lake or creek. No worries, we take care of lifeguards.


Focus: concentration, cooperation, waterfun
Location: swimming pool (indoor/outdoor), lake/creek of your choice (outdoor)
Participants:  12 – 40
Timing: max. 3 hours
Price/p.p.: ask your custom price quote for free
Extra’s (optional): catering ° video, drone and/or photo report ° teamcoach


  • People who like teambuilding in/around water.
  • People who like to improvise.
  • People who wanna work on trust.
  • People who like challenges.