Inflatable Fun - Decathlon


It’s not ‘what’ we do, or ‘how’ we do it at V-FORMATION, but ‘WHY’ we do it that’s important. As a feel-good teambuilding company we believe it is our duty to optimize the workflow in companies and to get people moving. Besides striving for a healthy lifestyle and excellent group dynamics we also just love to share #goodvibes.

“If you can have FUN together, you can work together!”


How V-FORMATION wants to distinguish itself? By staying true to our own identity and mission:

“Organizing events with lots of exciting materials, based on customer-needs and filled with passion & dedication.”

By putting in loads of efforts to create a V-COMMUNITY together with our crew, contributors, customers and fans, we want to provide the ultimate experience!


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What V-FORMATION actually does is this:

  1. Teambuilding: 95% focus on B2B events, based upon 15 innovative teambuilding concepts adapted to the needs and wishes of our clients.
  2. Attractions: we provide attractions mainly meant for adults. V-Formation showcases a broad range of inflatable obstacle courses and attractions that are designed specifically for teambuilding purposes. Can be used internationally.
  3. Sport Events: events showing the importance of living an active life, the values of sport and group dynamics (for all ages). “Sport has the power to unite people!”


An important part of the V-FORMATION mission (next to the ‘why, how & what’) is our INTERNATIONAL STORY. By expanding our horizon beyond the Belgian borders we gained a lot of knowledge and skills in the domain of inflatable attractions. We feel we have a serious growth margin internationally and this has been confirmed by numerous events abroad where V-Formation assisted, hosted and delivered attractions. Keep an eye on our blog for recaps of these adventures!



V-Formation cares!
Ever since our launch in 2006 we have annually supported multiple charity organizations both financially and logistically. In the past we have already supported Cliniclowns, a trip to Disneyland Paris for 120 children from a special-ed school, collected funds for ‘Het Glazen Huis’ through ‘Happy Kids 4 Life’, and many more..

“Sharing is caring!”