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We’re constantly looking for:

  • Freelance teambuilders
  • Sport Events instructors (B2B / sports camps)
  • Logistical support (setup and more)
  • Drivers with BE, C or CE license

What are we looking for specifically?


You’re a positive persons who welcomes everybody with a smile. You’re added value for the team.


You like to work in a team and are willing to give/take feedback to/from others. You’re living proof “there’s no I in team”.


You’re dedicated to the job and radiate this passion to others. You’re here to give it your best shot!


You’re flexible and we can count on you, you’re here to get the job done and don’t panic when something is a little off.


You come prepared and you know what you’re doing. Nothing is going to strike you off your feet.


You like to set challenges and don’t always choose the easy option first.

“What makes you wanna jump out of bed in the morning?”

Kris Bryon
V-Crew - Freelance
Inflatable Fun - Decathlon